Traditional oil paint

A rich paint for inside and out. Homestead House provides a premium, low odour, oil based paint with a durable, washable finish. Pioneers blended hand-ground pigments with either linseed oil or hempseed oil. Their paints were used to enhance the surroundings inside and out as well as to protect the wood and metal it was applied to.Homestead House continues the tradition providing a premium, oil based paint with a durable, washable finish perfect for indoor and outdoor projects.


Exterior uses
doors, trim, primed metal, wood, and wooden windows (especially where two painted surfaces slide next to one another). When repainting over old oil paint (the area can be wiped down with a varsol cloth to remove any chalking residue)---Please make sure the area is sound . If there is peeling paint you will need to scrape first then sand ANY “GREY”wood until you see bright wood. Now you apply our Alkyd Primer onto these spots and then the paint. Our oil paint is good for Exterior use but if you are willing to prime the whole job we do recommend that our 100% Acrylic Latex be used as it lasts many more years outdoors than oil based paints.


Interior uses
cabinetry, doors, railings, trim, mouldings, furniture and even that “garage sale find” that has who knows what is on it.

No primer is needed if you give a light sanding and the surface is free of wax etc. We like to suggest that if you are not sure about it –give a light sanding first , then with a small amount of varsol use a rag to wipe off the surface then apply the OIL paint without using a primer. Can be applied directly onto old oil or varnished or urethane painted surfaces without priming.


• Eggshell Sheen

• Interior and Exterior Use

• Ultra Durable