LATEX Primer

Why use a Primer? It's the last step in surface preparation for long lasting results.

A primer seals uneven porous surfaces and prepares substrates to provide a uniform foundation for Homestead House's 100% Acrylic Latex, Traditional Oil or Interior Edition Latex . It eliminates low gloss spots on newly patched areas and improves the appearance of the topcoat.


Use on

Old paint or bare wood (cedar, pine, mahogany, plywood and other woods that stain), previously varnished or tinted surfaces, composition board, brick, block, textured ceilings that disintegrate when wet, metallic wallpaper and those with water soluble dyes.

With the proper preparation using our Alkyd Primer followed by our 100% Acrylic Latex Exterior paint, your paint surfaces should last 15-20 years in excellent condition on the outside of your house


Do not use on

Don't use on silicone or waxy coatings found on some factory finishes. Don’t use on new drywall, instead use our water-based primer.


• Super Adherent

• Good Penetration

• High Hiding

• Interior and Exterior Use


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Milk Paint and finishes for kitchen table and chairs.

by Alex in Montreal

I needed paint and finishes to restore my kitchen table and chairs but I wanted the safest and most eco-friendly products. I was really happy to find homestead house paint's milk paint and no-VOC finishes. The milk paint is easy enough to use, really safe and gives excellent results. The same thing goes for the Hemp Oil finish and Beeswax. I simply love everything. 

I'm no expert at this kind of stuff but they really guided me with what I needed and how much. I was surprised to get such excellent and quick service. 

I'm proud to have this Canadian company do such amazing products!

Tags: milk paint
Quality, handpainted craftsmanship, painting kitchen cabinets.

by Liz in Regal Heights

Homestead House Paint Co. is a small family run business that focuses on quality products and service. Loree hand painted and distressed all of our kitchen cabinets with milk paint and did a beautiful, painstaking job. She also did a faux finish on our MDF radiator covers in the dining room and they look just like wood! The products are low VOC and come in a wide range of colours. We used the paint for our kitchen walls and the floor varnish for a soft sheen that's just right for our old house. Highly recommended!

Tags: milk paint
Milk Paint for furniture reproduction.

by Derrick from British Columbia

I am trying to create primitive american furniture. The paint quality is excellent, and the look is perfect. I cannot imagine why people would choose retail latex or oil paints over milk paint. The product is vastly superior.

Tags: milk paint