Milk Paint Mixer Tutorial

Introducing the New Homestead House Milk Paint Mixer! These little guys make mixing your milk paint an cinch! Using only 2 AA batteries, they are compact and portable for all your mixing needs!

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These little mixers are small but they really pack a punch! There are some tricks we would like to share with you so that you can get a beautiful mix each time.

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When using a mixer, measure out your water first. To prevent a clumpy mess at the bottom of your cup, let the water be on the bottom, and the powder on top. Here we are mixing a batch of “Ocean.”

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Some milk paint will sink to the bottom immediately- not to worry- it will still mix easier this way!

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The mixer will stop automatically when you apply pressure. This works great at controlling your mix from getting too thin by pushing the mixer up and down in short little pounces up and down. Each fast spin will grab and mix the paint- without over mixing.

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Make sure your mixer is OFF when you dip it in initially- this will prevent it from throwing powder every where and splashing all over you!


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It doesn’t take long at all for a small batch such as this (approx. 1/4
cup) to become thoroughly mixed.
Over mixing will turn your milk paint into a latte and you can build a tall airy head to your paint if you are not cautious!

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If your paint is feeling too thick, you can slowly pour in water while mixing and watch your paint thin down. Think making pancake batter…

Now for all you who hate to clean love to get to painting, this is for you:

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Have a separate cup of clean water- dip your mixer in right after mixing and turn it on and hold it in spinning for a few seconds. Pull it out and it will be clean as a whistle!

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*Make sure you do this soon, so the milk paint doesn’t harden in the coil.

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After you have mixed your paint, you will notice some air bubbles collecting on the top, possibly more than when you have hand stirred.

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Don’t worry- you can start painting- but might see some air in your paint, just work it out with your brush.

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If you want to err on the side of caution, just wait a few minutes and you will notice the larger bubbles start to dissipate and will be gone after a few minutes.

Can’t wait to try it for yourself? Get the New Homestead House Milk Paint Mixer (used in the pictures above) at $6 a pop.

*** Thank you to Abbe Doll, our Primary Educator for this tutorial, and JLogan Photography for the photos. To see more tutorials for Abbe, Visit her blog here. 

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