Furniture Paint {Review}

At Homestead House, we are constantly striving to create products that will benefit every level of painter, as well as every type of project. We have been fine tuning our new “Furniture Paint” that is now ready to order! We asked our product tester, and MMSMP primary educator, Abbe Doll of All Dolled Up, to try her hand at our new line. The look she created was stunning, and we hope you will enjoy her review!

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As a professional furniture painter, I have found that it is very easy to become quite particular with paint, brushes, and waxes.

Things like how the paint glides on, sticks, and it’s versatility are very important to me.

When asked to try out Homestead Houses “Furniture Paint”, I was anxious to see how this liquid line would stand to my tests!

I had the perfect piece waiting to be transformed. An older French Provencal buffet with gorgeous details, and curves, finished in a glossy yellow, with wait for it… black and orange splatter.


From a far it wasn’t as obtrusive, but up-close, it was hideous. The high gloss and shine didn’t make it a good candidate for Milk paint, so I was anxious to use Furniture Paint.

I chose “Champlain” for the bulk of the piece, and wanted to play around with mixing the colors as well. I chose “Algonquin and Slate Blue” mixed equally to create a soft muted gray/blue.


The paint mixed beautifully and opened up doors to all sorts of creations in my head.
I started by painting all the trim on the piece with my blue mixture.

The paint glided on effortlessly, and dried in less than an hour.

It adhered well, and I found the coverage to be top notch.


After the trim was painted- I did the body of the piece in Champlain.

Due to the nature of a white based paint- I did need two coats to cover the yellowish green finish- but within 2 coats it was gone!

C-8 copy
I recommend any distressing that you chose to do, be done soon after the paint dries. This paint is very durable and distressing the finish is difficult to do once it is cure!
C-9 copy

After the piece was painted- I chose to wax on some Miss Mustard Seed’s Antiquing wax to age it a bit. I love how the wax settled in the texture of the paint- it created the perfect age and dimension.
C-10 copy

The old blue fabric was replaced with burlap, and the hardware replaced with chunky glass knobs. I chose to keep the back plates on the hardware- also painted with Furniture Paint. The paint adhered wonderfully to the brass as well.
C-7 copy

C-4 copy

This paint not only transformed this piece, but blew me away on how easy it was to paint this high gloss buffet.
C-3 copy

No sanding, no prep, no priming. The results were breath taking.
C-2 copy


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