Algonquin (Before and After) and A Sneak Peek!

Today on the blog, we have a before and after featuring one of our beloved neutrals, Algonquin, as well as a sneak peak we have in the works! We are in the process of creating a wonderful new product for you, Stone Surface Medium. This product will add texture and dimension to your faux finishing, stenciling, and furniture painting. Where as it is not quite ready yet, we couldn’t help but share a sneak peek with you!

This antique cedar chest was in great shape, but the exterior was faded and outdated. It had beautiful details that needed to come alive using our Furniture Paint.

The pallet was Algonquin for the body, and Sturbridge White for the details.

The beauty of our Furniture Paint is it’s ability to go on flawlessly, as well as it’s consistency is beautiful for stenciling.

We chose a fleur de lis stencil to give the front of the chest some character, by lightly pouncing Sturbridge white over the stencil using a foam sponge.



To give the pattern a raised finish, we played with our medium Stone Surface medium. (Again, this product is still in testing, will be coming soon!)

DSCF7331 (2)
After gently pulling the stencil was off, the design had instant texture and a 3 dimensional quality!

DSCF7340 We just had to share, this product is going to give your finishes a step up!

algonquin (2)

And some shots of the details of the chest…
algonquin (3)

algonquin (1)

algonquin (2)
Don’t you just love being in the “know”?! Stay tuned for our new Stone Surface Medium… until then grab some Furniture Paint and start your own transformation!

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