Milk Paint in High Humidity

Humidity can be really tough some paints and cause them to bubble or peel…not our Milk Paint though! These photos come to us from a friend who lives in Malta. If you don’t know where Malta is located, it’s a small island south of Sicily.


So, you can imagine how an island smack dab in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea might suffer from a fair amount of humidity. Our friend had a problem with a rusty water pipe that leaked water into the stone for a long time.  They fixed the leak but the stone stayed humid, even when they painted over with water paint, some areas would swell or blister as humidity would stay trapped.



At his wit’s end, he decided to try our Milk Paint on his cement walls.

I know what you’re thinking…cement? I thought Milk Paint was for wood!  
Actually, Milk Paint is ideal for any porous surface. The water-based paint will find it’s way into the tiny cracks, crevices, and pores of a cement (or wood) surface. In doing so, it becomes part of the wall. There will be none of the chipping or peeling that occurs with normal wall paints which sit on top of the surface rather than soak in to it.
One year later, and the Limestone coloured Milk Paint is holding up very nicely!

Where we are going- introducing Fusion!

Homestead House Paint Co. has come a long way since its humble beginnings, and we’re very proud of where we are today. But what we’re most excited about is where we’re going! It’s with great pleasure and joy we announce the latest development out of Homestead House Paint Co., our brand new line of paint: Fusion.



Fusion is a celebration of our history. We picked our favourite two dozen colours from all of our past collections and brought them to new heights. These colours have stood the test of time!

Fusion Paint ~ 1 Pint size

Fusion Paint 1 Pint size

Our different colour collections and offerings over the years

Our different colour collections and offerings over the years

New Fusion Colour Collection

New Fusion Colour Collection


We have always offered superior quality paint for furniture as well as interior and exterior surfaces. Though all our offerings are consistently of a high quality, our prices remain low. We’re able to do this because we’re constantly reexamining how we can produce the best product at the best price. No exception to this is Fusion. The culmination of 25 years of refining concoctions has led to this new line.

bedford-collage-web casement-collage-web laurentien-collage-webNot only are we introducing our new Fusion line of paint, we also offer accessories. We recognized a gap in the market for a company to be one sole source for all your decorative finishing needs. That’s why we’re also growing to include finishing tools from gilding pastes and transfer gels to modeling pastes and sand stone mediums. Be it brushes, aprons, or stencils; you name it, we got it!


In addition to expanding what Homestead House Paint Co. offers, we’re also expanding where it’s offered in the Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint collection. We’ve been working closely with European distributors Debbie of Beautifully Boho, and Goedele & Jurgen of Old Red Barn in Belgium, to ensure furniture on the other side of the pond can be covered in our upcoming collection of milk paint with fabulous new hues. But it’s not just Europe receiving our love, we’ve just expanded into both the Dubai and Malaysian market!

1 Pint of Renfrew Blue  Covers all this!

1 Pint of Renfrew Blue Covers all this!

More markets and more lines mean we needed more space. That’s why we recently moved into a large new warehouse to accommodate our great growth. Additionally we’ve hired more members to join the Homestead House Paint Co. family who we will introduce over the next few months to you!

We are truly honoured and thrilled that so many fantastic clients and customers have stood by our family-run company over our 25 years. It’s because of you we’ve been able to continue to expand and offer exactly what you need based on your feedback. So let’s keep the communication going, so we can keep growing together!



If you’re interested in selling Fusion, finishing tools, or other Homestead House Paint Co. products, please be sure to Contact Us of visit us online here!


Fusion FB banner Bedford-Champlain

Where We’ve Come

Homestead House Paint Co. has steadily grown over its 25 years in the business. One can now find our extensive lines of products in more than 350 stores around the world. We’ve paved our own road. It’s been rocky in parts, but we keep building and we’re onto the expanding highway.

Our new Milk Paint packaging

Our new Milk Paint packaging

Milk paint was our beginning and it remains as our base today. We’ve grown into two lines of milk paint, a combination of 48 different colours. And we’re not done; stay tuned as we’re currently developing a new line of European colours!

Our different colour collections and offerings over the years

Our different colour collections and offerings over the years

To accommodate more types of paint projects, we make both interior and exterior house paints in custom colours, which mean your options are actually endless. And because we know painting requires more than the paint itself, we’ve also extended our offerings to include a new range of workshops and accessories comprised of paint whisks, aprons, high quality brushes and more. You can now pretty much meet all your painting needs with Homestead House Paint Co.

Though we’ve grown and continue to grow, our hands-on approach to product creation and customer care has never wavered.

When we said we were hands on, we were quite literal. Up until a year ago, we were hand mixing every single batch of milk paint. To accommodate expansion of business, and out of concern for our workers’ wrists, we approached a friend in aerospace engineering to ask for help creating a machine to mix the paint powders. Within a few months, the parts came together and a new process was born. While there are still many manual aspects (ingredients measured and added by hand, containers hand filled and labeled, etc.), the laborious mixing has been eased.

We made these changes to Homestead House Paint Co. to better serve our staff and clients. And it’s these people who push us to go above and beyond. When rush orders are required we accommodate. When you find something that’s almost perfect, we take away that “almost” to create specialty custom colours. When you have an event or cause that’s important to you, we donate products. We want our retailers to succeed, that’s why we support them however we can. If attending a home show or conference will help their business, we help with subsidization and promotion.

Thank you letters hand written by customers back in the good old days before emails!

Thank you letters hand written by customers back in the good old days before emails!

We’re fortune to have a built a business that’s a family where we all appreciate each other. Here are just a few examples of some of the lovely feedback we’ve received and have confirmed why we love what we do.

“I’ve been so happy with all my dealing with Homestead House, the staff are so knowledgable about their products and very professional and I love the paint. I’m a huge fan of many of their products most especially their Milk Paint and Acrylic Paints, the colours and coverage are superb! Highly recommend Homestead House Paint company and their staff!”

~ Wendy Batten

“Amazing company, products, customer service, turnaround time. They truly care about their costumers :)”

~ Chantal Giroux

Humble Beginnings

Homestead House Paint Co.’s Humble Beginnings

When mom and pop team Loree and Scott started Homestead House in the late ‘80s, there was no way they could predict the growth into the booming business it is today. Beginning as a reproduction furniture company, they saw an opportunity with the demand consumers had for milk paint; the idea to supply paints themselves seemed a natural step.

The far left represents one of the oldest colour boards from the early 1990's. See the transition through the years with eh different styles of hand painted display boards that were in every retail location.

The far left represents one of the oldest colour boards from the early 1990’s. See the transition through the years with the different styles of hand painted display boards that were in every retail location.

In 1989, they manufactured their first line, an all natural powdered casein based paint, better known as Milk Paint. Milk paint creates fabulous, highly versatile finishes, but it’s not the ideal option for all projects. To satisfy this demand they developed a premium quality oil and acrylic range, which meant they could offer products for all possible applications. Beginning with a dozen colours, the selection more than doubled to 32 within a few years.











Each colour card was hand painted on avery stickers, then peeled off and applied individually. Jennylyn still remembers the hand painted colour cards hanging from a string drying in the hallways of their house, sitting around the dining room table with her grandparents making colour cards!

Things moved quickly, their products arrived in big box stores, but with expansion came growing pains. Once in a while there would be a newspaper article, or magazine article where Homestead House was featured, however, competing against large companies with extensive marketing budgets versus their hand-mixed products with only word of mouth marketing was a challenge. In order to keep the business afloat, Scott and Loree simultaneously worked full time jobs for extra income to assist with maintenance and growth.


The family was constantly considering the question of packing it in. They loved the business and believed in their products, but was the amount of sweat and tears worth it? Their daughter Jennylyn answered that question with a resounding yes! Having graduated with a BA in Contemporary Studies, not to mention the decades of experience growing up surrounded by and helping out with the family business, Jennylyn requested her parents give her a shot at the helm to see what she could do. It turns out, she could do quite a lot.

Scott and Jennylyn in 2004 at a Trade Show featuring their Craftsman Collection

Scott and Jennylyn in 2004 at a Trade Show featuring their Craftsman Collection

The whole family is very hands on, and being no exception, Jennylyn applied her listening skills. She travelled across North America to talk to clients in person. What she heard was an increased interest in eco-friendly products and so started the development of a zero VOC line of interior paints. Networking with green initiatives and businesses, she persisted and managed to increase the company’s position on the paint map.


The real buzz came after a chance discovery of an American blogger, Miss Mustard Seed. A client mentioned her to Jennylyn, suggesting she’d find her interesting. Not putting too much thought into it, Jennylyn jotted the name on a sticky note to look up later. When she did she was blown away with Miss Mustard Seed’s blog, photography, and perspective as a mother doing something for her family.Original Logo

Off went a box of samples, thinking best-case scenario would be a mention of Homestead House Paint Co. in a blog post. What resulted was something much more; a collaboration to create a bespoke line of Miss Mustard Seed paints. Despite being Homestead House Paint Co.’s first private label venture, they were able to go from conception to store shelves in under six months. Within days of Miss Mustard Seed posting about her line, 40 retailers were onboard. By release the line launched in 95 stores across North America and Europe. This number has since grown to just over 300 and expanded continents to include Australia.



Despite evolving at a rapid pace with changes in colours and product ranges, something that never changes is quality. Homestead House is continuously innovating and improving their superior product development. Consistently rated the best amongst professionals in the industry, their reputation speaks for itself. No matter the struggles the family faced, quality was never compromised, even if it affected profit margins, quality was always priority and continues to be.

Revived brand and colour board featuring our top 30 colours!

Revived brand and colour board featuring our top 30 colours! Our look may have changed, however the quality and integrity of our products and company remains.

Homestead is thankful for every loyal customer who has stayed by their side over the years, and look forward to many more to come!  Stay tuned for the next post of the behind the scenes of Where We Are Now, and the final, most exciting part of this 3 part series, Where We Are Going!


Milk Paint over old Latex

C-28 copyDo you have an old piece of furniture with tired, worn old latex paint that you are itching to give a new fresh face, without compromising the unique primitive finish? Milk paint over old paint gives you a great authentic, worn, two tone finish, with just 3 easy steps, without needing to strip the old paint!

1. Paint

2. Slightly Sand

3. Wax

This little dresser had a coat of old worn creamy latex paint, complete with water stains, chips, and lots of grunge.

C-31 copy

A coat of Homestead Blue, all over gave the piece a new life in a matter of minutes.

After the paint has dried, you will get some cracking, chipping, and flaking where the paint has resisted the old paint finish.
C-29 copy

After you loosen up any chipping paint- you can distress more if you would like.
C-30 copy

Finish up with antiquing wax, to give you that worn aged look. Look at all that great texture, that you find with great primitive finishes, easily achieved with Homestead House Milk Paint!
C-33 copy

New Color, Old Look!


Furniture Paint {Review}

At Homestead House, we are constantly striving to create products that will benefit every level of painter, as well as every type of project. We have been fine tuning our new “Furniture Paint” that is now ready to order! We asked our product tester, and MMSMP primary educator, Abbe Doll of All Dolled Up, to try her hand at our new line. The look she created was stunning, and we hope you will enjoy her review!

No sanding. No Prep. No Top Coat needed. Click here to order

As a professional furniture painter, I have found that it is very easy to become quite particular with paint, brushes, and waxes.

Things like how the paint glides on, sticks, and it’s versatility are very important to me.

When asked to try out Homestead Houses “Furniture Paint”, I was anxious to see how this liquid line would stand to my tests!

I had the perfect piece waiting to be transformed. An older French Provencal buffet with gorgeous details, and curves, finished in a glossy yellow, with wait for it… black and orange splatter.


From a far it wasn’t as obtrusive, but up-close, it was hideous. The high gloss and shine didn’t make it a good candidate for Milk paint, so I was anxious to use Furniture Paint.

I chose “Champlain” for the bulk of the piece, and wanted to play around with mixing the colors as well. I chose “Algonquin and Slate Blue” mixed equally to create a soft muted gray/blue.


The paint mixed beautifully and opened up doors to all sorts of creations in my head.
I started by painting all the trim on the piece with my blue mixture.

The paint glided on effortlessly, and dried in less than an hour.

It adhered well, and I found the coverage to be top notch.


After the trim was painted- I did the body of the piece in Champlain.

Due to the nature of a white based paint- I did need two coats to cover the yellowish green finish- but within 2 coats it was gone!

C-8 copy
I recommend any distressing that you chose to do, be done soon after the paint dries. This paint is very durable and distressing the finish is difficult to do once it is cure!
C-9 copy

After the piece was painted- I chose to wax on some Miss Mustard Seed’s Antiquing wax to age it a bit. I love how the wax settled in the texture of the paint- it created the perfect age and dimension.
C-10 copy

The old blue fabric was replaced with burlap, and the hardware replaced with chunky glass knobs. I chose to keep the back plates on the hardware- also painted with Furniture Paint. The paint adhered wonderfully to the brass as well.
C-7 copy

C-4 copy

This paint not only transformed this piece, but blew me away on how easy it was to paint this high gloss buffet.
C-3 copy

No sanding, no prep, no priming. The results were breath taking.
C-2 copy


Photo credit

Cottage Charm {Acadia Pear & Sturbridge White}

adu-33 copy
We have a makeover for you today! This corner hutch was desperate for a makeover! Although out dated, the great lines and details of this piece were brought to life with Acadia Pear on the inside paneling, and the Sturbridge White on the rest.

hh before
adu-29 copy

Inspired by the coziness of a country cottage, these colors together gave this piece a fresh new face, using the flat finish Acrylic line kept the finish authentic to the styling of the piece. No prep work was required to paint over this shiny finish, just a couple of coats of each color. *Note that lighter colors might require more coats for coverage.
adu-30 copy

adu-32 copy{Piece Painted by Abbe Of}

{Photo copyright by}

Renfrew Blue

adu-18 copy

Have you noticed the trends this season? Jewel tones are in, and your wardrobe isn’t the only thing that will be richened up by these regal colors

adu-19 copy

Let us introduce you to Renfrew Blue: a deep, rich, aged teal, that will give your piece a pop of color, yet remain a classic for the years to come.
adu-20 copy

adu-21 copy (1){Piece painted by Abbe’ of All Dolled Up}

Inspired by Fall {Faux Finishings}

confederategray mustardFall is in the air, and we are inspired by the hues that nature is providing!

Warm yellows in the trees, followed by the earlier dusk skies were the inspiration for this pallet!

confederate gray mustard1Buttermilk, Mustard, and Confederate Gray were the colors chosen in our exclusive acrylic line.

The benefits of the paint are infinite, but a consumer favorite is it’s ease in application, as well as special finishes you can create!

adu-16 copyWe want to show you how beautifully the colors can be layered to create a fuax finish, as well as incredible depth and texture. Don’t be limited by a flat one color finish, but open a couple colors and start creating texture with ease!

confederate gray mustard 2{Piece painted by Abbe’ of}

{Photo copyright by

Milk Paint Mixer Tutorial

Introducing the New Homestead House Milk Paint Mixer! These little guys make mixing your milk paint an cinch! Using only 2 AA batteries, they are compact and portable for all your mixing needs!

Frother-35 web

These little mixers are small but they really pack a punch! There are some tricks we would like to share with you so that you can get a beautiful mix each time.

Frother-2 web

When using a mixer, measure out your water first. To prevent a clumpy mess at the bottom of your cup, let the water be on the bottom, and the powder on top. Here we are mixing a batch of “Ocean.”

Frother-5 web

Some milk paint will sink to the bottom immediately- not to worry- it will still mix easier this way!

Frother-6 web

Frother-7 web

Frother-8 web

The mixer will stop automatically when you apply pressure. This works great at controlling your mix from getting too thin by pushing the mixer up and down in short little pounces up and down. Each fast spin will grab and mix the paint- without over mixing.

Frother-12 web

Make sure your mixer is OFF when you dip it in initially- this will prevent it from throwing powder every where and splashing all over you!


Frother-14 web

It doesn’t take long at all for a small batch such as this (approx. 1/4
cup) to become thoroughly mixed.
Over mixing will turn your milk paint into a latte and you can build a tall airy head to your paint if you are not cautious!

Frother-13 web

If your paint is feeling too thick, you can slowly pour in water while mixing and watch your paint thin down. Think making pancake batter…

Now for all you who hate to clean love to get to painting, this is for you:

Frother-16 web

Have a separate cup of clean water- dip your mixer in right after mixing and turn it on and hold it in spinning for a few seconds. Pull it out and it will be clean as a whistle!

Frother-17 web

*Make sure you do this soon, so the milk paint doesn’t harden in the coil.

Frother-19 web

After you have mixed your paint, you will notice some air bubbles collecting on the top, possibly more than when you have hand stirred.

Frother-20 web

Don’t worry- you can start painting- but might see some air in your paint, just work it out with your brush.

Frother-32 web

If you want to err on the side of caution, just wait a few minutes and you will notice the larger bubbles start to dissipate and will be gone after a few minutes.

Can’t wait to try it for yourself? Get the New Homestead House Milk Paint Mixer (used in the pictures above) at $6 a pop.

*** Thank you to Abbe Doll, our Primary Educator for this tutorial, and JLogan Photography for the photos. To see more tutorials for Abbe, Visit her blog here. 

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