Choosing a Homestead House Color

Are you ready to start your painting project, but worried about making the right color choice?

We offer a beautiful selection of colors- and pallets, each unique in it’s hues and undertones.
We placed some of our favorite colors together, side by side, to help you see the difference between them, so you can chose the color right for you!


First the beloved blues:

H-4 web

Left to Right: Maritime Blue, Soldier Blue, Homestead Blue, and Midnight Blue.

Maritime Blue: A rich cerulean Blue

Soldier Blue: A bold, true Blue

Homestead Blue: A dark saturated Blue, with just a hint of green.

Midnight Blue: Our darkest Blue, appears almost black in certain lighting situations.


Our lighter Blues and Aquas:

H-3 web

Left to Right: Laurentien,  Loyalist, Rideau, Quaker Blue

Laurentien: A soft robin’s egg blue with a hint of green.

Loyalist: This is a soft muted light green/blue mix.

Rideau Blue: This muted blue has a hint of grey.

Quaker Blue: This bold blue has a blend of green and dusty grey.

The lovely yellows:

H-1 web

Left to Right: Buttermilk, Ochre, Garden Seed, Mustard

Buttermilk Cream: A rich, creamy yellow. Goes well with any of the greens, reds, or blues.

Ochre: A Bold Warm Yellow

Garden Seed: A rich, Vibrant Yellow

Mustard: This harvest yellow is a little darker and slightly more muted than Garden Seed. Goes well with greens and reds.


The Greens:

H-5 web

Left to Right: Upper Canada, Gatineau, Acadia Pear, Bayberry

Upper Canada Green: This is the brightest of the greens. It has an granny smith apple vibrancy to it.

Gatineau: This is a medium tone yellow green. Goes well with yellows, reds and the grey-blues.

Acadia Pear: A muted, sage-green.

Bayberry: A deep rich, yellow-green.


The Whites:

H-2 web
Left to Right: Sturbridge White, Raw Silk, Champlain, Limestone

Sturbridge White: Considered to be a “natural white” less stark than the whites found in lead and modern paint

Raw Silk: This is a warm white with a hint of grey.

Champlain : Absolute warm white. It is a neutral that matches just about anything, with a mix off cool and warm undertones of yellow and grey.

Limestone:This next to the white has a very slight hint of a warm yellow. Similar to natural limestone or chalk


The Taupes:
H-6 web

Left to Right: Cathedral Taupe, Bedford, Algonquin, Cartier

Cathedral Taupe: A light taupe. This ageless neutral matches just about anything.

Bedford: This is a very light neutral grey with a hint of sage- green.

Algonquin:A warm, bold grey beige taupe, with light undertones of brown.

Cartier: A warm Sage-green

And two classics:

H-7 web

Coal Black, and Chocolate

Coal Black: This jet black is used to accentuate any color.

Chocolate: This dark sorrel brown has a touch of red. Goes nicely with reds, blues and greens.





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