Milk Paint in High Humidity

Humidity can be really tough some paints and cause them to bubble or peel…not our Milk Paint though! These photos come to us from a friend who lives in Malta. If you don’t know where Malta is located, it’s a small island south of Sicily.


So, you can imagine how an island smack dab in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea might suffer from a fair amount of humidity. Our friend had a problem with a rusty water pipe that leaked water into the stone for a long time.  They fixed the leak but the stone stayed humid, even when they painted over with water paint, some areas would swell or blister as humidity would stay trapped.



At his wit’s end, he decided to try our Milk Paint on his cement walls.

I know what you’re thinking…cement? I thought Milk Paint was for wood! ¬†
Actually, Milk Paint is ideal for any porous surface. The water-based paint will find it’s way into the tiny cracks, crevices, and pores of a cement (or wood) surface. In doing so, it becomes part of the wall. There will be none of the chipping or peeling that occurs with normal wall paints which sit on top of the surface rather than soak in to it.
One year later, and the Limestone coloured Milk Paint is holding up very nicely!

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