Milk Paint over old Latex

C-28 copyDo you have an old piece of furniture with tired, worn old latex paint that you are itching to give a new fresh face, without compromising the unique primitive finish? Milk paint over old paint gives you a great authentic, worn, two tone finish, with just 3 easy steps, without needing to strip the old paint!

1. Paint

2. Slightly Sand

3. Wax

This little dresser had a coat of old worn creamy latex paint, complete with water stains, chips, and lots of grunge.

C-31 copy

A coat of Homestead Blue, all over gave the piece a new life in a matter of minutes.

After the paint has dried, you will get some cracking, chipping, and flaking where the paint has resisted the old paint finish.
C-29 copy

After you loosen up any chipping paint- you can distress more if you would like.
C-30 copy

Finish up with antiquing wax, to give you that worn aged look. Look at all that great texture, that you find with great primitive finishes, easily achieved with Homestead House Milk Paint!
C-33 copy

New Color, Old Look!


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