Paint by The Number – What a Dip

What a Dip

By: Loree Wallace

Painting new cedar or pine shake? For long-lasting results dip the shakes in paint prior to installation (coating both sides have proved to give extra life to shakes). Set up a drip collection system so there is less waste, as the paint drips off. Use a paintbrush about 15 minutes after you dip to brush away drips and runs on the end of the shakes.
You will need to decide if you want to dip them once or twice. It is advisable to do the first coat with a primer and the second coat using 100%Acrylic Latex. This particular paint product expands and contracts and therefore lasts many years in our harsh environment. After they are dry nail the shakes up with the painted area exposed

Above: A wallpaper tray and clothes-pins make a perfect drip-catch system. Set aside on the edge of a large table after brushing off excess paint to free-up the drip tray

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