Question of the Week- Staining with Milk Paint. Beeswax & Hemp Oil top coat.

Every week we get many great questions from our customers, here is one about using Milk Paint as a stain! Our answers are in Italics. Please send us your questions and yours may just be featured on our question of the week!

“Hello! My wife and I have been looking for a no-VOC product to stain and finish some pine bookcases we’re going to build soon, and we encountered your website last night. Your products sound amazing, but we’ve never done a project like this before, so we were hoping we could get a bit of help understanding how all of this works! If it’s all right, I have a few questions.For making indoor furniture, would it be appropriate to use a milk paint stain and then apply the beeswax finish? Is there a major difference between the beeswax and the hemp oil?”

Wood Stain and Hemp Oil

Our Natural Milk Paints can be used as a stain, are very easy to apply compared to conventional stains, and take only minutes to dry without any harsh chemical smells or toxins.

Absolutely a great combo! It depends on what your surface is. Is it bare porous wood, as that is the only way you can “stain” a piece is if the current finish is removed.

Stain with Milk Paint

The beeswax is a pure edible food grade wax that gives a matte look,can be buffed to a higher sheen or gloss. It is a paste and needs to be rubbed into the surface, has great water resistance, however a little more work than the Hemp Oil. The Hemp Oil is a natural oil that is easy to apply, really penetrates into the wood. They are both great finishes. You can combine them and use both! Hemp Oil first, then beeswax over top for extra long lasting durability.

Quick tip: If you apply a wax finish, you will have to continue with wax in the future, as oil can not be put over wax as it will not be able to penetrate and soak in.

How many coats of beeswax and of stain would we likely need to apply on bare wood?

Stain should only be 1 coat if you have mixed your stain correctly. Always test your mix on the wood surface in an inconspicuous spot to make sure you are happy. If you have applied one coat, and it isn’t quite dark or opaque enough for you, a second coat can always be applied.

We were thinking of mixing the Quebec Maple and Pacific Redwood stains together – do the stains produce predictably intermediate colours when mixed?

Yes it is very easy to mix them together You can do it in the dry powder format, or the wet liquid format. Make sure that you write down your mix in case you need to recreate it.

Since the products are no-VOC, would we be able to work with them indoors?
100% safe for using indoors. Virtually odourless and non toxic. Dries in 10-15 minutes.

Hemp OIl over stain

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