Where we are going- introducing Fusion!

Homestead House Paint Co. has come a long way since its humble beginnings, and we’re very proud of where we are today. But what we’re most excited about is where we’re going! It’s with great pleasure and joy we announce the latest development out of Homestead House Paint Co., our brand new line of paint: Fusion.



Fusion is a celebration of our history. We picked our favourite two dozen colours from all of our past collections and brought them to new heights. These colours have stood the test of time!

Fusion Paint ~ 1 Pint size

Fusion Paint 1 Pint size

Our different colour collections and offerings over the years

Our different colour collections and offerings over the years

New Fusion Colour Collection

New Fusion Colour Collection


We have always offered superior quality paint for furniture as well as interior and exterior surfaces. Though all our offerings are consistently of a high quality, our prices remain low. We’re able to do this because we’re constantly reexamining how we can produce the best product at the best price. No exception to this is Fusion. The culmination of 25 years of refining concoctions has led to this new line.

bedford-collage-web casement-collage-web laurentien-collage-webNot only are we introducing our new Fusion line of paint, we also offer accessories. We recognized a gap in the market for a company to be one sole source for all your decorative finishing needs. That’s why we’re also growing to include finishing tools from gilding pastes and transfer gels to modeling pastes and sand stone mediums. Be it brushes, aprons, or stencils; you name it, we got it!


In addition to expanding what Homestead House Paint Co. offers, we’re also expanding where it’s offered in the Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint collection. We’ve been working closely with European distributors Debbie of Beautifully Boho, and Goedele & Jurgen of Old Red Barn in Belgium, to ensure furniture on the other side of the pond can be covered in our upcoming collection of milk paint with fabulous new hues. But it’s not just Europe receiving our love, we’ve just expanded into both the Dubai and Malaysian market!

1 Pint of Renfrew Blue  Covers all this!

1 Pint of Renfrew Blue Covers all this!

More markets and more lines mean we needed more space. That’s why we recently moved into a large new warehouse to accommodate our great growth. Additionally we’ve hired more members to join the Homestead House Paint Co. family who we will introduce over the next few months to you!

We are truly honoured and thrilled that so many fantastic clients and customers have stood by our family-run company over our 25 years. It’s because of you we’ve been able to continue to expand and offer exactly what you need based on your feedback. So let’s keep the communication going, so we can keep growing together!



If you’re interested in selling Fusion, finishing tools, or other Homestead House Paint Co. products, please be sure to Contact Us of visit us online here!


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