Where We’ve Come

Homestead House Paint Co. has steadily grown over its 25 years in the business. One can now find our extensive lines of products in more than 350 stores around the world. We’ve paved our own road. It’s been rocky in parts, but we keep building and we’re onto the expanding highway.

Our new Milk Paint packaging

Our new Milk Paint packaging

Milk paint was our beginning and it remains as our base today. We’ve grown into two lines of milk paint, a combination of 48 different colours. And we’re not done; stay tuned as we’re currently developing a new line of European colours!

Our different colour collections and offerings over the years

Our different colour collections and offerings over the years

To accommodate more types of paint projects, we make both interior and exterior house paints in custom colours, which mean your options are actually endless. And because we know painting requires more than the paint itself, we’ve also extended our offerings to include a new range of workshops and accessories comprised of paint whisks, aprons, high quality brushes and more. You can now pretty much meet all your painting needs with Homestead House Paint Co.

Though we’ve grown and continue to grow, our hands-on approach to product creation and customer care has never wavered.

When we said we were hands on, we were quite literal. Up until a year ago, we were hand mixing every single batch of milk paint. To accommodate expansion of business, and out of concern for our workers’ wrists, we approached a friend in aerospace engineering to ask for help creating a machine to mix the paint powders. Within a few months, the parts came together and a new process was born. While there are still many manual aspects (ingredients measured and added by hand, containers hand filled and labeled, etc.), the laborious mixing has been eased.

We made these changes to Homestead House Paint Co. to better serve our staff and clients. And it’s these people who push us to go above and beyond. When rush orders are required we accommodate. When you find something that’s almost perfect, we take away that “almost” to create specialty custom colours. When you have an event or cause that’s important to you, we donate products. We want our retailers to succeed, that’s why we support them however we can. If attending a home show or conference will help their business, we help with subsidization and promotion.

Thank you letters hand written by customers back in the good old days before emails!

Thank you letters hand written by customers back in the good old days before emails!

We’re fortune to have a built a business that’s a family where we all appreciate each other. Here are just a few examples of some of the lovely feedback we’ve received and have confirmed why we love what we do.

“I’ve been so happy with all my dealing with Homestead House, the staff are so knowledgable about their products and very professional and I love the paint. I’m a huge fan of many of their products most especially their Milk Paint and Acrylic Paints, the colours and coverage are superb! Highly recommend Homestead House Paint company and their staff!”

~ Wendy Batten

“Amazing company, products, customer service, turnaround time. They truly care about their costumers :)”

~ Chantal Giroux

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