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Now you can breathe easy while using a VOC free paint!

Choosing paint colours can be a daunting task, choosing the right paint company shouldn't be. Homestead House has been in the paint industry for over 20 years and has recently opened a retail store in Toronto to share our expertise and knowledge with our customers.

We're all a little more environmentally conscious these days, so when thinking about renovating or re-decorating, you can do your part for the environment by choosing a VOC free paint. So what's all this talk about VOCs anyways? VOCs are organic solvents in paint which are released into the atmosphere, adding to air pollution and the greenhouse effect. Let's not forget the immediate health effects due to chemical sensitivities as well as the long term effects from off-gassing and overexposure.

What makes Homestead House's VOC free paint so unique is its outstanding quality,durability and ease of application. Our VOC free paint typically needs only one coat to fully cover previously painted surfaces without the need of a primer. This paint is offered in three different sheens; dead flat and matte which provides a washable finish, and eggshell which offers a scrubbable surface. This virtually odorless paint is available in an endless colour selection. Ask us about free colour matching!

1. You will use less paint! By using Homestead House's top quality paint, you will only require 1 coat of paint for full hiding coverage. This uses less of our natural resources, while saving money. One gallon of our VOC free paint gives you 500-600 sq ft of coverage, compared to our competitors which cover aprx 300 sq. ft.

2. No priming! It is a common myth that you need to prime first- this is often not the case. Repainting over an old water based paint? Just simply apply our VOC free paint for excellent adherence and durability. You can even apply this paint over old Oil based paints with excellent adhesion.

3. Only re-paint when you desire a new look! There's no need to re-paint every few years, with a good quality paint that is washable you can use a little elbow grease to remove any finger prints that may come into contact with your walls with gentle soap and water.

4. Reduce, Re-use and Recycle! It's all about reducing the amount of paint you require by using a high quality paint, re-using your painting tools by cleaning them for next time and recycling left over paint by giving it to a neighbour! You can now recycle paint cans with your regular recyclables. Be sure to remove the lid, and let the can dry out, then you're ready to recycle.

5. Extra paint? Make it a new colour! Here's a thrifty solution to extra leftover paint, there's no need to dispose of extra paint, rather by adding a little more pigment, you can achieve a new colour for your next project. We would be more than happy to do this for our customers.

Make a more responsible choice by purchasing a high quality VOC-free paint to reduce your eco-footprint.

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Homestead house is the only paint smart owners should use. New baby's bedroom.

by in Queen West Toronto

The idea of using zero VOC paint in our new son's room made perfect sense. The paint quality is superb and the staff is extremely well versed in advising on colours. As owner of &, the true value of using this super eco friendly paint is ten fold its value. As a result, each of my sellers now gets a $100 paint pre-listing credit if using no voc paints from Homestead.

Bedroom repaint.

by Cycling Painters

As a professional painter I have used a multitude of environmentally friendly paints. I have been impressed with many lines including Ben Moore eco-spec, Behr and Para. I am most impressed with Homestead House not only because a gallon of their paint covers 25-50% more but also with the customer service you receive as one small business to another. I firmly believe in the philosophy of "voting with your dollar". As much as I appreciate the large companies running away with, promoting and capitalizing on "green" ideas we need to continue to support small, local and, most importantly, progressive companies. If not just because their paint is incredible and goes further then because these are the kinds of people and businesses we need to support to keep Toronto healthy.

Gallery Exhibition.

by Christine in Vancouver

Organizing an exhibition from across the country is a difficult task, but Homestead House made my life and job much easier. I managed to get the amount I needed and the colour matched perfectly with their help, which I appreciate so much. We wanted an environmentally friendly option and we got that with Homestead House and their zero VOC paint. I know the gallery will be using their services again and I would recommend their product to anyone.